Naomi Hope Rawlings is a survivor. She fought her way out of the darkness from a traumatic assault as a teen to build Songbird’s Bakery and Cafe into a thriving company in Cardinal Point, Texas. Her painstaking work will enable her to create a healing sanctuary for young women who have gone through the same nightmare. But just when the dream can become reality, all the carefully orchestrated pieces fall apart. 

Nathaniel Shepherd has lost his way. He once had a family, a home, and a best friend. All of that vanished with a move to the city that ended his brother’s life and landed him in jail. He’s survived the heartache, but he’s restless. An offer to buy his company causes him to lose grip on his hard-won balance. Something is missing. Can he find it back in Cardinal Point, the last place he felt whole?

 Naomi and Nathaniel have unfinished business. A long time ago, their unbreakable friendship turned to love before life interfered to crush childhood dreams. Now, Nathaniel is back to find her. Can she see beyond her inability to trust outsiders? And can they both move beyond the past to find hope and the promise for tomorrow? 

Other titles in the Cardinal Point series include:  The Father-Daughter Picnic – When Love Leads You Home – A Promise For Tomorrow

Title:  A Promise For Tomorrow
Series:  A Cardinal Point Romance
Author:  Stacey A. Purcell
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 5, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

A Promise For Tomorrow is a powerful story.  It is also, frankly, not always an easy story to read for what Naomi and Nate have gone through, faced in their lives is often raw and painful in ways that most of us will never have to face.  They are both wounded souls, perhaps broken in different ways might be the better description of their emotional states.  They have a connection, a friendship, even a love from childhood onward that was torn apart by the adults in their lives making decisions that affected them as well.  When Nate’s family moves away events are set in motion in his life that will result in a very different life for him.  Naomi’s childhood was snatched from her, and in many ways her adulthood as well for some things are not easy to get beyond… and some things are impossible to leave behind.

They had their own unique type of love back in their childhood, and now Nate is finally making good on a pinky swear promise he made so long ago.  He has no idea that he’s riding into a minefield, or that the memories of childhood may not represent who either of them are today.

I said this one was a powerful story – and it truly is.  You will feel, you will cry, you will wonder at the unfairness of the universe and how in the world these two people can ever get back to a good place again.  My dilemma is how to convey that to you without giving away a story that is honestly best read first hand for its impact on you as a person, not only a reader.  Although it is a story that takes place, partly, around the holidays it is not a holiday driven story.  This is a journey for Nate and Naomi to banish old ghosts, to allow a healing of the soul to take place and even take the biggest risk of all – to love someone enough to expose themselves completely and trust that they will be caught should they fall.  Trust is not something that Naomi can easily give, and yet if she cannot see beyond what happened to her and trust in Nate’s feelings, in Nate as a man who would never hurt her then she will be forever trapped in a past that she made the decision to hold onto instead of releasing it to move forward.  A Promise For Tomorrow may, at times, be emotionally not so easy to read but it is well worth pushing through those emotions with Nate and Naomi to take this journey with them.  You will not regret the time or the tears you’ll shed with two truly amazing people.

The town of Cardinal Point is almost a character of its own, with lively characters who support each other, look out for each other and maybe at times gossip about each other – it’s small town USA. and that’s what makes small town living so unique and special.  Naomi has a pretty fantastic support system in place, and friends who would climb mountains for her – and tell her exactly when she’s making a mistake or being just silly.  Those are the best friends to have.  It’s a community that I’d like to know more about so I’ll be spending a bit of time here catching up and looking forward to more stories set in Cardinal Point.

If you enjoy a story that is deeper, has more bite to it, perhaps even more reality as well then I believe you’d enjoy A Promise For Tomorrow.  Sometimes to get to the good life you have to wade through the debris of life but in the end it’s a journey well worth the effort.  That’s this story in a nutshell.

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