Welcome to Keeper Bookshelf – I’m Marcy, the owner of this site.

I have a passion for books, more specifically novels in any form; hardback, soft cover, Kindle, e-books… I simply love to read.

Over the years I’ve found some novels just deserve a second read (or third or more), you know the ones – the characters grab you by the heart and you just want to revisit their world one more time.

Those are the Keepers – the novels that are more like visiting old friends throughout life, and never tire of the stories told.

I’ve brought together several of my favorite Keeper books – perhaps you’ve read them before or maybe you’ll be tempted by a new (or new to you) author.

I am fascinated by the unknown.  Paranormal.  Futuristic.  Vampires.  Werewolves.  Time Travel.  Urban Fiction.  Space Travel.

While I’m not a true history buff, I do enjoy visiting Regency London, the Wild West or the heather fields of ancient Scotland.  Since these places are no longer available to physically visit I can relive those times through Historical Romance novels.

Contemporary Romance novels can take me anywhere in the world by simply turning a page.  While I would love to see a sunset over the ocean from the deck of a luxury liner, chances are that won’t happen – my books and my imagination can make that a vivid reality.

I enjoy using my imagination, and the author’s words to transport myself to another dimension, another time, another place.

On this site I wanted to share my love of these types of novels – stories that take me out of the ordinary into the possibilities.

I certainly hope that you will find something here that will spark your imagination, and make you want to make a new novel discovery of your own.

… ah, yes.  Throughout the site you will see links to Amazon.com or other places where these book titles can be purchased.  Should you decide to click on those links and end up buying a book, you can assume that I will make a commission.  Certainly not enough to send me to Vulcan – but maybe to keep this website up and running for another year.

Whether you click on a link – or not – I want you to enjoy your time here, and hopefully I will introduce you to an author or style of book that you have not yet tried.  It is truly all about the books.

Enjoy your time browsing my Keeper Bookshelf.