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Acheron  – A Dark-Hunter Novel –

I’ve waited for this book for a very long time.  Being a fan of  Sherrilyn Kenyon’s many series insures that on publication day I’ll be at the nearest bookstore.

Like millions of fans worldwide, I had been wanting Ash’s story.  He is a strong, compelling character and the more he was on the edges of stories the more I wanted, no even needed to understand him.

I was not in the least bit disappointed.  In fact, once I began reading Acheron I literally could not put it down.  I started it on a Saturday afternoon and stayed at it into the wee hours of Sunday morning when I turned the last page, fully and completely satisfied.

In the world of ancient gods and demi-gods, we of the modern world must trust the author to transport us to that reality, to take our hand and guide us through an unknown territory in a completely believable way.  I left my world and entered Ash’s.

In Acheron we actually have two stories.  We finally discover where Ash came from, what happened to him to mold him into the man he is in the modern day series.  And we have his modern day story, where finally Ash discovers his own unique soulmate.

I don’t want to give away any of the story.  Perhaps that’s unfair in this type of blog – but on this one I honestly feel to do so would take away from your own reading experience.

I will tell you the first half of the book is harsh.  There is no other word for it.  Ash’s early life was full of pain, betrayal and cruelty there is never a doubt about that.  Graphic at times, yet in order to understand his overall story I felt the graphic nature was necessary and in fact made me care more about this character than I might have otherwise.

As we move into the modern times part of Ash’s story, we of course meet his soulmate – even if she nor Ash sees or accepts that just yet!  The story of their very rocky romance is refreshing and exciting reading that I’m certain you’ll enjoy.

I truly loved this book, which is why I’m so reluctant to give away much of the actual storyline because this is a novel you should read and discover the magic of the tale for yourself.