Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan has been a long time favorite of mine.  I first discovered her novels through Dark Prince, which introduced us to the Carpathians and eventually the creation of the Dark series (and many more).  Her ongoing series will always have me either pre-order or hit the book store on the publish date.

I have found it easy to step into Ms. Feehan’s created worlds and leave my own reality far behind.  With some other-worldly style books, it is at times, hard to put aside the known world and accept the author’s as real.  I have never had that problem with any of the series or novels by Christine Feehan.  Now, with the addition of a new book in one of her series I quickly pick up the story and the world I left behind at the ending of the previous novel… and begin the adventure again.

The characters you will meet across the many series are all strong, dedicated and believable.  Each has their own reasons and history as to why.. they are as they are, and why their mate will change them for all time.  The stories are fast paced, filled with danger and alive with romance of the steamy kind.  I doubt there is one couple within these series that you cannot identify with on some level.

If you’ve never read anything by Christine Feehan, look for her novels at your library and check her out.  Once hooked, I’m betting you’ll be buying the rest as bookshelf keepers.

The Dark Series (Carpathians)

  • Dark Prince
  • Dark Desire
  • Dark Gold
  • Dark Magic
  • Dark Challenge
  • Dark Fire
  • Dark Dream
  • Dark Legend
  • Dark Guardian
  • Dark Symphony
  • Dark Decent
  • Dark Melody
  • Dark Destiny
  • Dark Hunger
  • Dark Secret
  • Dark Demon
  • Dark Celebration
  • Dark Possession
  • Dark Curse
  • Dark Slayer
  • Dark Peril
  • Dark Predator
  • Dark Storm
  • Dark Lycan
  • Dark Wolf
  • Dark Blood
  • Dark Crime (in the anthology Edge of Darkness)
  • Dark Ghost
  • Dark Promises
  • Dark Carousel


  •  Shadow Game
  •  Mind Game
  •  Night Game
  •  Conspiracy Game
  •  Deadly Game
  •  Predatory Game
  •  Murder Game
  •  Street Game
  •  Ruthless  Game
  •  Samurai Game
  • Viper Game
  • Spider Game


 Sea Haven:  The Drake Sisters

  • Magic in the Wind
  • The Twilight before Christmas
  • Oceans of Fire
  • Dangerous Tides
  • Safe Harbor
  • Turbulent Sea
  • Hidden Currents

Sea Haven:  Sisters of the Heart

  • Water Bound
  • Spirit Bound
  • Air Bound
  • Earth Bound
  • Fire Bound (May 31, 2016)

The Leopard Series

  • The Awakening (anthology Fantasy)
  • Wild Rain
  • Burning Wild
  • Wild Fire
  • Savage Nature
  • Leopard’s Prey
  • Cat’s Lair
  • Wild Cat
  • Leopard’s Fury (October 25, 2016)


  • Shadow Series
  • Shadow Rider




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For background information on all of Christine Feehan’s series and stand alone books visit her website here.