J D Robb

I discovered J D Robb’s novels by accident.  I was on my way out of work to lunch without a book to read.  Something that should never happen!  So, I stopped in a local “whatever you need” kind of shop near work and looked over the very slim pickings of books. “Glory in Death” was the best of what was available, so although I didn’t know the author I was honestly pressed for time, so I bought it – and discovered yet another author to follow.  I didn’t get too far into the book before I realized this was an ongoing series.  So, I read a few chapters, closed the book and went back to work.  But.. I did some searching and found the first book, ordered it and… my addiction to the lives, times, loves, friends and deaths of the Eve and Roarke universe had truly begun.

As I read more of the “in Death” books I started to feel that I knew this author…  that I had read her works before, but I couldn’t find anything before the very first “in Death” by J D Robb.  Yet, a sense of humor comment, a certain way of phrasing – I was sure I had read this author before.  And I don’t believe that I was the only reader scratching their head wondering how they knew this style of writing.

Eventually it was announced that J D Robb was in fact the work of Nora Roberts.  Then it clicked in my head.

J D Robb writes futuristic, suspense mysteries.  Not too far into the future, about fifty-ish years ahead.  Far enough for some of the police procedures, gadgets, lingo, and life in general to be acceptable and even logical knowing where mankind is right now.

As the series continues with Lt. Eve Dallas figuring out just how someone got themselves dead – and puts the right bad guy (or girl) behind bars for the crime — we also find Eve’s relationships growing and learn more about the people who cross her life daily.

I would say you could pick up any of the books and have a very enjoyable reading experience.  The interactions of the characters might not be clear when past cases are referred to – but you could enjoy the books.  The better way is to just give in and immerse yourself in the total series.  The older titles can be found if you search for them – and it is well worth the time and effort.

J.D. Robb titles (from the beginning onwards)

  • Naked in Death
  • Glory in Death
  • Immortal in Death
  • Rapture in Death
  • Ceremony n Death
  • Vengeance in Death
  • Holiday in Death
  • Conspiracy in Death
  • Loyalty in Death
  • Witness in Death
  • Judgment in Death
  • Betrayal in Death
  • Seduction in Death
  • Reunion in Death
  • Purity in Death
  • Portrait in Death
  • Imitation in Death
  • Divided in Death
  • Visions in Death
  • Survivor in Death
  • Origin in Death
  • Born in Death
  • Innocent in Death
  • Creation in Death
  • Strangers in Death
  • Salvation in Death
  • Promises in Death
  • Kindred in Death
  • Fantasy in Death
  • Indulgence in Death
  • Treachery in Death
  • New York to Dallas
  • Celebrity in Death
  • Delusion in Death
  • Calculated in Death
  • Thankless in Death
  • Concealed in Death
  • Festive in Death
  • Obsession in Death
  • Devotion In Death
  • Brotherhood In Death
  • Apprentice In Death
  • Echoes in Death
  • Secrets in Death
  • Dark in Death (January 2018)

in Death included in a multi-author book…Anthology

  • Midnight in Death (Silent Night 1998)
  • Interlude in Death (Out of This World 2001)
  • Haunted in Death (Bump in the Night 2006)
  • Eternal in Death (Dead of Night 2007)
  • Ritual in Death (Suite 606 2008)
  • Missing in Death (The Lost 2009)
  • Possession in Death (The Other Side 2010)
  • Chaos in Death (The Unquiet 2011)
  • Taken in Death (Mirror, Mirror ( 2013)
  • Wonderment In Death (Down the Rabbit Hole (2015)


Remember When is a dual novel with a current time, contemporary romance story by Nora Roberts – continues as a suspense, futuristic mystery by J. D. Robb with Lt. Eve Dallas.