Jacquelyn FrankJacquelyn Frank takes us into a steamy underworld full of creatures, heroes and heroines that live in and for the night.


I’ve only recently discovered Ms. Frank’s work but this page exists, in part, so I can follow her series in order.  When an author is so good that I make an author page for them after reading only one book… well then I know I’m in for a long haul of good reading ahead.


I started my adventure into this world through the first book in the Nightwalkers series.  So that is where I’ll start this list and continue on from there.




        The Nightwalkers

  1. Jacob
  2. Gideon
  3. Elijah
  4. Damien
  5. Noah
  6. Adam


          The World of Nightwalkers

  1. Forbidden
  2. Forever
  3. Forsaken
  4. Forged


             The Shadowdwellers

  1. Ecstasy
  2. Rapture
  3. Pleasure


         The Three Worlds

  1. Seduce Me In Dreams
  2. Seduce Me In Flames


           The Gatherers

  1. Hunting Julian
  2. Stealing Kathryn


             Single Titles

  1. Drink Me
  2. The Bid
  3. Hunter
  4. Dangerous (written as Jax)



  1. Nocturnal
  2. Supernatural


Author’s Official Website (you’ll love the opening page) 🙂  is at Jaquelyn Frank