Kay Hooper

I have been a reader of Kay Hooper’s for years.. and years.  I’ve watched her expand her writings from the shorter light reading of the Loveswept days into the Bishop/Special Crimes Unit trilogies.

Through all stages of her career and writing growth I have always enjoyed the worlds she creates.  And revisit old friends (like the Bishop folks) at every chance I get.

(listed in the order they were published – most recent at bottom of list)

The “Shadow” Trilogy

  • Stealing the Shadows
  • Hiding in the Shadows
  • Out of the Shadows

The “Evil” Trilogy

  • Touching Evil
  • Whisper of Evil
  • Sense of Evil

The “Fear” Trilogy

  • Hunting Fear
  • Chill of Fear
  • Sleeping with Fear

The “Blood” Trilogy

  • Blood Dreams
  • Blood Sins
  • Blood Ties

The Bishop Files

  • The First Prophet
  • A Deadly Web (April 2015)



Pepper’s Way

If There Be Dragons

Illegal Possession

Time After Time

In Serena’s Web

Raven On The Wing

Rafferty’s Wife

Zach’s Law

The Fall of Lucas Kendrick

Unmasking Kelsey

Outlaw Derek

Captain’s Paradise

Shades of Gray

It Takes A Thief

Aces High

The Touch of Max

Hunting the Wolfe

The Trouble with Jared

All for Quinn

Once A Thief

Always A Thief

Golden Threads

The Glass Shoe

What Dreams May Come

Through the Looking Glass

The Lady and The Lion

Other Publishers

Crime of Passion

House of Cards

Star-Crossed Lovers

The Matchmaker

The Wizard of Seattle


(many of the Loveswept and earlier books are now out of print and difficult to find – however, book sales, garage sales and online sellers often have these earlier works of Kay Hooper I have found)

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