Lynsay Sands photoThere are many authors that I follow – most have series, some short others long, but one thread runs through most of the novels I read — they deliver an excellent long term storyline… which is why I love series.

Lynsay Sands has an ongoing series called – Argeneau and the Rogue Hunter, each an individual series but the stories often cross over so I put them together on this page.

I love a good vampire and life mate type of ongoing story and this one does not disappoint.  So, the books in reading order (from top to bottom).


Argeneau & Rogue Hunter Series

1.  A Quick Bite

2.  Love Bites

3.  Single, White Vampire

4.  Tall, Dark & Hungry

5.  A Bite to Remember

6.  Bite Me If You Can

7.  The Accidental Vampire

8.  Vampires Are Forever

9.  Vampire Interrupted

10.  The Rogue Hunter

11.  The Immortal Hunter

12.  The Renegade Hunter

Anthology:  Bitten by Cupid

13.  Born to Bite

14.  Hungry For You

15.  The Reluctant Vampire

Anthology:  The Bite Before Christmas

16.  Under A Vampire Moon

17.  The Lady Is A Vamp

18.  Immortal Ever After

19.  One Lucky Vampire

20.  Vampire Most Wanted

21.  The Immortal Who Loved Me


(novels will be linked to reviews done on here Keeper Bookshelf)

Lynsay Sands Official Website

Argeneau Series Website (yes, created by Lynsay Sands and full of nothing but this series)