Maggie Shayne

Years before the days of “sparkly” vampires there were the original ‘Twilight’ books, at least I always called them ‘Twilight’ as that word was in each title — the official title of the series was “Wings in the Night”.   And I waited impatiently for every single new release in Maggie Shayne’s series.

These were the vampires (and their ultimate mates) that I wanted to fall into their world with each new book’s release.  Passionate, mature, a heart wrenching combination of the past and the present with no true hope or plan for the future.  Some were evil at it’s worst, others were caught up in circumstances, and still others were innocent, for a while.

But, for me, they were believable — and it was no chore to imagine their world and fall into it as easily as visiting old friends.

I cared about their story — and that is probably the highest complement a reader can give to an author.  When characters are created in one mind and given to the reader who can recreate them and welcome them in as friends… that is pure magic.

“Wings in the Night”

1.  Twilight Phantasies

2.  Twilight Memories

3.  Twilight Illusions

4.  Beyond Twilight (in the anthology “Strangers in the Night”)

5.  Born in Twilight

6.  Twilight Vows (in the anthology “Brides of the Night”)

7.  Twilight Hunger

8.  Embrace the Twilight

9.  Two by Twilight (double book including “Run from Twilight” and “Twilight Vows”)

10.  Edge of Twilight

11.  Blue Twilight

12.  Before Blue Twilight (Harlequin Online)

13.  Prince of Twilight

14.  Demon’s Kiss

15.  Lover’s Bite

16.  Angel’s Pain

17.  Bloodline

18.  Twilight Prophecy

19.  Vampires in Paradise (in the anthology “Vacation with a Vampire”)

20.  Twilight Fulfilled


Wings In The Night: Reborn

1.  Twilight Guardians

2.  Dead by Twilight (in the anthology Edge of “Darkness” release date July, 2015)


The Portal series

Legacy of the Witch (e-book introduction to series

1.  Mark of the Witch

2.  Daughter of the Spellcaster

3.  Blood of the Sorceress


Immortal High Witches series

1.  Eternity

2.  Infinity

3.  Destiny


The Brown and De Luca Novels (murder-mystery)

1.  Sleep With the Lights On

e-book) Dreams of Danger

2.  Wake to Darkness

3.  Innocent Prey

4.  Deadly Obsession


**many of the “Wings in the Night” novels have been reissued and combined over the years – above is the list of the original titles in published order**