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Over the last few months, and particularly today as I just finished a story that prompted this post, I’ve been noticing a change in my reading reactions to stories.  There are small things that I’ll overlook (for the most part) in any story.  I don’t nitpick in reviews about grammar or typos.  I’m reviewing the story so I stick with that… unless it’s so blatant that it cannot be ignored.

But what drives me insane is when an author slips outside of the genre they’re writing that story in.  And when the cover they’ve picked is totally at odds with the story.  I’m sad to say that I’m finding this a lot in Kindle Worlds stories.

So today I finished a story where the main male character is albino.  Yet on the cover, his lovely female love interest is a white-blonde, and he (the albino character) has light brown hair.

That seems like such a small thing, doesn’t it?  And to many readers, perhaps it is.  My first reaction to any book is visual, it’s the cover that will make me want to read the cover blurb about the story.  I’ve always reacted that way – the cover will attract my attention then the description will either nail it for me or have me putting the book back on the shelf.  So, for me, that cover matters, it tells me a lot about the story within those covers.  And when the two don’t match — I’m left with the ugly taste of feeling cheated by a story.

If you are a Contemporary Romance author who has just published their first  Cozy Mystery — please research what Cozy Mystery writing sounds like, what the rules are, what the lore is — because I will know.  Believe me,  I will know the differences and it will affect how I react to, review your story and whether I ever buy another book by you.  It does matter to keep to the genre for those readers who know and love and expect certain things from a story set in their favorite genre.

Do I sound too harsh?  Perhaps.  Yet I’ll not apologize for my opinion on this.  To me covers matter, genre lines matter, knowing the genre you’re writing in matters.


I made a decision back in December ’17 that I was going to get unread titles off of my Kindle in 2018 come hell or  high water or words to that effect.  One way that I can help myself and have a bit of fun with that declaration is by joining in the COYER Winter Switch Challenge which runs from November to March – yes, I know, I’m late in joining up but better late than never, right?

This time around there are two ways to take part – either the Switch or the regular COYER.  For me, because I’m joining in late I’m going to go for the regular COYER because that will do what I want to do which is get those free books, those 99 cent books that I picked up but are still sitting unread on my Kindle finally read and moved to the cloud.  I’m always annoyed with myself when I spend good book money on a title and then I don’t get around to reading it because of other review commitments.  That’s just silly and it needs to stop.

If you have unread titles on your e-reader then maybe this is a challenge that you’d be interested, too.  Sign up is easy just follow the link in the graphic above or this link:  COYER Winter Switch Challenge

Now joining is easy, staying committed is a whole different story, and we all know that.  So later today I’m going to be making a list post for myself that I can cross off the titles from 2017 and before that still need to be read on my Kindle.  It’s an accountability thing for me, but I believe that it will help keep me on track with this clean up that I’m determined to do this year.  It’s not a requirement, but a choice of my own.

Check out the COYER Winter Switch Challenge for yourself, and have some fun with lots of company as you clean out your e-readers this year..

After all the fun and pure chaos of a family Christmas celebration around here I took a few minutes to scroll through my Kindle.  I wasn’t liking that number of books that was on my device so I thought I’d just move those books around because I know I’m famous for not removing a book from the Kindle when I’ve finished it.  A habit I need to break!  Anyway, by the time (several hours later) that I had moved titles to the cloud, gotten the ARCs that I read long, long ago off of the Kindle I had made a shocking discovery.  I buy books.  I buy a lot of books that I haven’t read.  What’s wrong with me??

Well, I don’t think I’m alone because when visiting other blogs I see a lot of talk about TBR piles, but really we talk about those piles of books but we get caught up in new releases, review request deadlines and such … and that pile becomes a hill of books, then soon enough a total mountain of doom pile of books.  So yeah.  Time to do something about that.

So I decided to join in on a fun challenge.  It’s the 2018 Beat The Backlist Challenge hosted by NovelKnight.  That link will take you to the sign-up, information page.  It’s a simple Challenge, no hoops to jump through, you make your own goals and you decide how involved with the activities you have the time for.  It runs from January 1, 2018 until the end of the year, and only books (even re-reads) that were published before 2018 count.  Super easy, I can do that.

I’d like to knock off 20 books from my TBR pile this year.  I think that’s reasonable considering how quickly I can read, and my annoyance at buying books and not reading them immediately.  So, over the next twelve months I can get that pile of lonely books whittled down a bit and if I do more, that’s awesome – not all are very long books – if not then at least it’s a start.

How about you?  How’s your pile of unread books growing?  Go ahead, click that link and check out the 2018 Beat The Backlist Challenge.  If nothing else – you’ll have a bit of fun, and who doesn’t enjoy that?

Marsha @keeperbookshelf

And I am now officially a Dewey Dragons team member.  Whooo Hoooo.  I  happen to adore dragons 🙂


I hate chronic pain.  It is unrelenting.  Unimaginable unless you’ve experienced it.  It steals time, memories and moments that will never be around again.  It steals life in an increasingly rise in pain levels that simply never stops.

I’d lived with chronic pain for 25 years until I had a full knee replacement.  Then a blissful two years of being normal again.  Now due to a back injury and the need for a second knee replacement I’m revisiting that state once again.

The past three weeks have been hell on earth.  Unfocused.  Unproductive.  Cocooned in sleep and pain meds, existence only.  Once I could escape through a good book, distract myself for a while.  Not so this time around.  And that, perhaps most of all these things, makes me so angry.  To be denied my one guaranteed escape is heartbreaking.

You’d think that all those old coping methods would return quickly to my defense.  Bu no, they’re in hiding somewhere in my memories that want to be forgotten.  So I’m re-learning new coping exercises.  Today is the first day that I fell somewhat human.  Somewhat.

I’ve a lot of work to catch up on.  I’m not going to beat myself up about that.  It happened, I didn’t plan it but it did.  Now all I can do is get to work and back on track.

Scheduled posts only help until they run out.  And unfortunately I’ve reached that point of “do ahead” reviews.  Fortunately for me, I’m a note taker so I’ll be fine to get caught up fast between the notes on books read but no review written up yet, and a marathon of reading ahead of me.

So with apologies to authors and publishing houses for delays – I’m off to get back to doing what I love, read and talk about books.  And learn the lesson on getting some scheduled posts ready again for the next crisis… which I’m sure is just around the corner, unfortunately.

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality.  If you’d like to take part simply click on those links above or the graphic to discover what this fun meme is all about.

Books Added to My Shelves This Week

August 12th through 18th

I decided to splurge a bit this past week and treat myself to some titles I’ve been wanting.  And there were several titles offered by various authors at a dollar or no cost on Amazon as well so… my TBR just got a huge influx of material.  Not complaining, just have to find the time to get started on my newest additions – and maybe catch up on some that have been in my ever growing tower of TBR books.

So, here we go:

The Last Gamble by Anabelle Bryant  (I love her Regency Romances)

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley  (I’m addicted to Shifters and decided to go back to the beginning of her Unbound series)

Dark Carousel by Christine Feehan  (Really need to get caught up on the Dark (Carpathians) series)

Shadow Reaper by Christine Feehan – (Loved the first book in this new series)

The Awakening by Christine Feehan (Again, went back to the very beginning of the Leopard People series)

Dying Breath by Heather Graham  (Got to get caught up on Krewe of Hunters series)

The Private Eye by Jayne Ann Krentz  (because… Jayne Ann Krentz, needs no further explanation)

The Obsession by Nora Roberts  (again, because Nora Roberts, enough said)


No One But You by Brenda Novak  (newest addition to Silver Springs series at a great price)

The Wedding Season by Samantha Chase  (another great deal)

The Teacher’s Billionaire & The Playboy Billionaire by Christina Tetreault  (again, great deals)

And that wrapped up my spending spree for this week.  I got some books that I’ve been wanting but kept putting off until “later” but we all know that later never comes unless it’s right in front of us.   It’s also rather daunting to be beginning some series that are very long, but I tend to need to go back to the beginning so it might take me a while to get caught up, but the journey will be worth it in the end.

So it was an expensive spending week, but I don’t regret any of my purchases.  Not even going to mention NetGalley this week.    Bottom line is I had fun and will have a blast on my reading binge… one happy reader right now.  🙂


Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality.  If you’d like to take part simply click on those links above or the graphic to discover what this fun meme is all about.

It’s been a while since I took part in the fun memes of the book blogging world.  Life happened, time got away from me – you know the reasons.  And soon reasons became just an excuse to not take the time.  Well – enough of that.  But since I’m restarting I can’t use my old numbering system, so back to the beginning I go.  🙂

Books Added to My Shelves This Week

August 5th through 11th

Actually a very slow week as far as purchases go.  Several “borrows” through the Kindle Unlimited subscription service – but otherwise quiet.  So my first week back is kinda a bust and this will only show on the website.  *sigh*  Oh well.


I don’t know how it’s been for you — but I am mighty glad to be turning the page on July 2017.

This has been a month full of chaos, and very little getting done when it’s supposed to be done.  Ever have one of those months?

Between people (including me) getting sick, power outages from storms, my computer finally giving up the ghost on the motherboard… and just dying on the spot – well, let’s simply say I’m glad to move on into August.  I’m not going to be foolish enough to say it couldn’t be worse than last month… but I certainly hope it’s better.

At least I did finally get my reviews written up.  Without the computer so often this month I had to do some marathon review writings from notes… not my preferred way to do things.  It’s been, well, crazy.  And I sincerely hope it’s gonna be smooth sailing for awhile, I could ruse the break.

Hope last month was good for you – and that August 2017 is going to be even better.  Now, to get to work.  🙂

I just got a very pleasant surprise, in the absolute last place I would have looked for it.

I was flipping through the final Kindle pages of the story I just finished and something caught my eye.

-KEEPER BOOKSHELF … right after a few lines from a review I’d done for a story by this particular author.  That’s me!  Stunned, is probably what I felt at that moment.

Oh, sure, it’s not that big of a deal  (yeah, right)  to see your comments were picked out by the author as worth while to put among the blurbs about their books.  Oh, who am I kidding – it’s a huge deal to me.

And there are probably more out there that I”m not aware of – since I don’t go back and scout out the books I’ve read and reviewed.  That would be… silly.  *grin*

So right here and now, I’d like to say publicly to any and all authors that have put a line or two of my reviews next to their books:

Thank you!  It matters more than you know to my own heart.

Can’t help myself – she’s just so cute.  🙂



Couldn’t help myself… she’s so cute!  Harley Quinn and her special bunny friend.  Harley is now about 8 months old and is a Sheltie.  Awww… my Harley girl.  🙂