This year (2018) I made a decision that I was going to read the books that are gathering “dust” on my Kindle.  You know the ones… the ones that I bought and never got around to reading yet.  My plan was to make a long list and cross them out as I read them… but that list is embarrassingly long so I changed that plan to simply listing them as they were completed.  I run several book review blogs.  My main here at Keeper Bookshelf and several genre specific book review blogs.  So the titles are linked to a review – but that review might take you off of this site to another of my blogs should you click on it.

I’m taking part in the COYER Winter Switch until March – and the Beat The Backlist Challenge until the end of the year.  Titles listed here are counting toward those challenges.

This is simply the easiest way for me to keep track of a goal that is very important to me – I’m so annoyed at buying books, no matter the price, and leaving them unread.  So this is my fun incentive to stop that and read.  🙂

Read Books From My TBR Pile of Doom