Samantha Becker is a busy and talented trauma surgeon with no time for nonsense. Her sister may have a special Shifter Gene, but Sammie is fairly certain she doesn’t have it, and she’s happy with her life the way it is. She doesn’t need the complicated Shifter lifestyle, and she certainly doesn’t need Liam Keller: Alpha cougar, Mayor of Cougarville and undercover billionaire. She hates him, but Liam is unable to get the curvy surgeon out of his head.

But the Shifter world isn’t ready to let Sammie go. She’s being stalked by someone who’s desperate for Shifter hormones, and Liam takes it upon himself to protect Sammie from harm. Things begin heating up between Sammie and Liam, but will they have to succumb to their inner animals in order to save Sammie’s life?

Titles in the Cougarville series include:  Buck Naked – Cougar Bait – Stone Cold Fox –

Title:  Cougar Bait
Series:  Cougarville #2
Author:  Evangeline Anderson
Genre:  Paranormal Romance – Shifter
Published:  June 6, 2017
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press – Swerve
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Cougar Bait is an intense, compelling Shifter Romance with fast action, mysteries to unravel, loathsome villains and two people who could not be more opposite from the other in their outlook on life.  I’ll be completely straightforward on this – I loved the story yet Samantha frustrated me to no end in this story.  I understand why she had to be written that way, and it does add much to the tension of the story – but my word is she a frustrating woman.  She is a surgeon not a baby making machine.  She doesn’t have the Shifter Gene, even though her twin sister Sadie does.  She’s a doctor with a well planned out life whose career is everything.  She is not, will not be a newly manifested rejuvenated shifter.  And nothing you can say will convince her otherwise because…wait for it.. she’s a surgeon and she knows absolutely freaking everything.  Oh my word.  By the ending of this story it was my opinion that Liam Keller deserves a medal for loving this woman.

Speaking of Liam Keller, we first met him in Buck Naked, the first story in the Cougarville series.  And he didn’t come off in the best light that’s for certain.  I felt at the time that he wasn’t the true bad guy he was portrayed as so I was very glad to discover that I was right about that small fact.  He had reasons for acting as he did around Sadie and we get to understand them so much better now.  He”s attracted to Samantha, the woman who put him back together after his fight with Mathis.  She saved his life and he now feels he owes her a life-debt.  Because of his past he isn’t willing to admit to her of any deeper feelings, but he knows that she is his mate.  Her life is in danger if she travels to Las Vegas unprotected.  She may not believe she has the Shifter Gene, but he suspects she does and Vegas is the absolute last place she should be when it manifests.

There is intense danger in Samantha’s future.  There is also a love worth it’s weight in gold if she would simply trust Liam.  The shifter lore is slightly different in the Cougarville series, but still vastly interesting.  I enjoyed Cougar Bait, it continues the story and series quite well.  And please don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Samantha, she is simply a strong willed woman with a very wide stubborn streak.  We get caught up a bit with Mathis and Sadie again as well as Fiona – and a touch of the next book in this series is hinted at as well.  All around an excellent read and one I’d highly recommend to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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