Death AngelSometimes characters surprise me.

When they also do things that make me root for those who would normally be considered the “bad guys” – then it surprises and delights me.

Put together a drug lord, an assassin and a blonde bimbo and tell me honestly how I’m going to care about the outcome of two of those main characters.

Well, the drug lord is truly a scumbag with no redeeming qualities.  The Assassin has his own unique code as his hits are those who are far, far worse human beings than he is.  And the blonde is not dumb at all, in fact she probably has as much, if not more, smarts than both the men.

Drea Rousseau was a self created woman.  Perhaps self-centered could also be said of Drea.  Born poor and abused, she had recreated herself using the talents she naturally possessed beauty, willingness and charm – along with a serious dash of cunning, intelligence and a determination to never go back to being Andie Butts ever again.  She’d been poor, rich was so much better even if her choice of being mistress to Rafael Salinas was perhaps not the wisest long term.

Drea’s world turns upside down with one request from Rafael’s paid assassin.  While Rafael offered the assassin a bonus of one hundred thousand dollars for a successful assignment, the only bonus the assassin wanted was “One time with her.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me those words would be one nightmare that no woman should have to hear.  And then to face the humilation of being handed over by her lover to another man for “just one time” – that would be the end for me.

For Drea it is an ending – and a beginning that she never would have believed possible that day.

From this point of the book onwards I have to say give this book a chance.  Read it and you will discover how lives can change.  I’d even bet that you’ll be captivated by Drea and Simon (the only name given for the assassin til the very ending of the book) as they learn how much the right person matters in the events that shape a life.

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