I Johansen Eve comboI wish, I really wish that I could say I loved the middle and final books of this “one huge book” trilogy.

But I didn’t.

I had hopes at the first book but then… *sigh*

I have yet to write a “this is horrible, don’t waste your hard earned money” type of a review… but I would strongly suggest borrowing this series from your local public library.  Then if you don’t like it – it won’t hurt so much.

Diehard Eve Duncan fans will probably love this continuous story trilogy.  I called myself a diehard fan, once upon a time.

In my opinion, these three books minus the fluff fill-ins, the recapping of the previous book(s) – condensed into one hardback book would have been awesome, and told the story better.  Again, my opinion.

But I would have given that “condensed” novel high praises.