Bachelor At Her BiddingTitle:  Bachelor At Her Bidding
Series:  Montana Born Bachelor Auctions (novella book 2)
Author:  Kate Hardy
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 27, 2015
My Rating:  4 star
Source:  NetGalley

Story Blurb:

Your date with Parisian-trained chef Ryan Henderson promises you’ll get the best meal of your life cooked especially for you. His Red Velvet cheesecake is to die for – but we know he has even better desserts up his sleeve…

How to win a girl in ten cakes…

When Dr. Rachel Cassidy comes back to Marietta with a broken heart and a divorce under her belt, going to a Bachelor Auction fundraiser doesn’t sound like her idea of a good time – and when her sister and friends “buy” her a dinner date with sexy Parisian-trained pastry chef Ryan Henderson, that sounds even worse.

Ryan doesn’t have time for dating – he’s put his dreams to one side and come back to Marietta to look after his sick grandmother. But when he agrees to help a charity fundraiser by offering to cook a special meal to one lucky bidder, he gets more than he bargains for and discovers a woman he might just dare to let himself fall in love with.

Then tragedy strikes, just when Rachel and Ryan think they might have a future, opening up old scars and pushing them apart.

And if they’re to stand a chance of getting back together, then Ryan’s going to have to be seriously inventive. Can he win the love of his life with ten cakes?

Read on for my thoughts on Bachelor At Her Bidding.  No true spoilers, promise.

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”


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I swore I was gonna be good this past week.  *sigh*  But you know all about those best laid plans, right?  It’s that 1-click-addiction to free ebooks and the under $3.00 clicks that get me in so much trouble.  Plus I just might have gone a bit crazy on NetGalley’s Read Now section when I saw a couple series there… 80% level comes and goes so easily.  🙁   Ah, well.  At least they all qualify for the TBR Challenge ‘cos most were ones I’ve wanted for a while now.

From Amazon there was:

A Quick BiteAir Boundearth boundThe Witch Who Cried WolfFalling For A Wolf

And from the Read Now section at NetGalley I was tempted by:

Deja DateThe Catalain book of SecretsGetting It right

It could have been a lot worse.  And thankfully, a large majority are novellas so the reading will go fast.  Does anyone have a cure for the 1-click-blues?  😉

Bound To The BachelorTitle:  Bound To The Bachelor
Series:  Montana Born Bachelor Auction (book 1)
Author:  Sarah Mayberry
Genre:  Contemporary Romance (novella)
Published:  February 20, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Story Blurb:

Your date with Marietta local Beau Bennett includes a day on the slopes at Big Sky Resort, complete with a sumptuous meal in the Resort’s fanciest fine dining restaurant and door-to-door transport. Dig deep to secure the attentions of one of Montana’s most eligible – and elusive – bachelors.

Lily Taylor knows Beau Bennett dislikes her, but that won’t stop her from asking him to volunteer for the Bachelor Auction she’s organized to help her friend Molly provide for her tragically injured son, Josh. If Beau’s gorgeous face, piercing blue eyes and chiseled body inspires the women of Marietta to dig into their pockets for a good cause, then Lily will do whatever it takes to secure his participation.

Beau Bennett isn’t sure how he wound up on the auction block being eyed up by hundreds of eager women, but he knows who to blame for it – Lily Taylor, the sexy, distracting, off-limits best friend of his kid sister. As far as he’s concerned, the sooner this nightmare is over, the better.

The last thing either of them expects is for Lily to wind up bidding on – and winning – Beau, or that their date will lead to Beau stepping in to save Lily when her past comes back to haunt her. As Beau does his best to keep Lily safe, they discover that maybe they don’t dislike each other quite as much as they thought.

In fact, maybe it’s just the opposite…

Read on for my thoughts on Bound To The Bachelor.  No true spoilers, promise.

Married To A Perfect StrangerTitle:  Married To A Perfect Stranger
Author:  Jane Ashford
Genre:  Historical Romance, Regency Romance
Published:  March 3, 2015
My Rating: 4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Story Blurb:

Mary Fleming and John Bexley are the “white sheep’ of their large families, written off as hapless, boring—and thus suitable for each other. But they’re no sooner married than John is sent off on a two-year diplomatic mission.

Upon his return, John and Mary find that everything they thought they knew about each other is wrong. They’ve changed radically during the long separation. They have to start all over. It’s surprising, irritating—and somehow very exciting…

Read on for my thoughts on Married To A Perfect Stranger.  No true spoilers, promise.

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This week’s question:

Do you have any furry friends? Share a picture!

I share an apartment with one son, two cats and at last count 37 fishies.  Do they all count?  😉

Okay, okay – so the fish are out, but here are my two cats.

Charlie- who is now 18 years old.  Our grey striped, tabby cat – who rules the house, even though his run is now more like a stroll.  He has the unblinking “My water dish is empty, Human!”  stare down to a Oscar winning performance.


And Leia – who is about to turn 3 (but shall never outgrow her terrible 2’s stage, I’m convinced.)  Leia is an Alpha cat wannabe, but despite her size (she’s double the size of Charlie) the true ruler only needs to do a one side of the mouth snarl in Leia’s direction and she falls down and exposes her belly to be washed or scratched.  *rolls eyes*  Cats and their dynamics gotta love ’em.

Leia 10

So what are you waiting fo?  Here’s the Hop – get hoppin’.  🙂



This ends my trip down memory lane — but what a sweet way to end.  It’s not recent, but man can she sing.  Shania Twain …


Probably one of my favorite Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman films – definitely one of my favorite Faith Hill songs.


My Blood Runs BlueTitle:  My Blood Runs Blue
Series:  My Blood Runs Blue (book 1)
Author:  Stacy Eaton
Genre:  Paranormal
Published:  Original April 1, 2011  Reissue:  December 30, 2014
My Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Story Blurb:

“I’m still a cop, and my blood runs blue.” Officer Kristin Greene has always felt that something was missing from her life. Even though her job with the Fawn Hollow Township Police Department keeps her busy, she continues to feel as if there is something else out there she is meant to be doing. Kristin finds herself investigating a homicide where a young woman has had her throat ripped brutally out. As she begins to dig for the answers, she finds herself thrown into a world she never knew existed.

When Julian and Alexander crash into her life, she finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive. Kristin in determine to figure out who they are and why they keep calling her Calista. Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the two seductive men who have entered into her life and the real truth about herself in a suspenseful tale that weaves paranormal into to the realistic world of law enforcement.

Read on for my thoughts on My Blood Runs Blue.  No true spoilers, promise.

Somedays, like today, you just need it to be 5o’clock somewhere!