wantMy Rating Scale is very simple.  I do not post reviews about novels that I Did Not Finish.  I “might” now and then put up a mini-review of those that I silently DNF with a one or two line reason for not finishing.

Just because a book did nothing for me — does not mean that the next person will not love it and make it their new favorite of all time.  I try to be fair – and never, ever review the author – but there are times that a book just doesn’t do “it” for me, no matter how many chances I give it.


What you will find here will be mostly 4’s, 3’s some 2’s and, unfortunately the occasional 1’s.. with the occasional 5

There IS a 5+ category ~ extremely rare, but a novel that just blew me away and I loved with everything in my heart and soul.  It does not happen often – rare like dinos.

  • 5 outta 5 = an amazing novel
  • 4 outta 5 = a really, excellent novel
  • 3 outta 5 = a good novel, enjoyed it and would recommend it
  • 2 outta 5 = it was okay, I mostly enjoyed it but I really would not suggest buying, maybe borrowing from your local library is the best bet
  • 1 outta 5 = it really wasn’t worth the time I put into it – not for me

There you have it.  Not complicated, not mean-hearted.  But fair, in my opinion.

Actually my rating system is similar to Goodreads:

5 stars = it was amazing

4 stars = really liked it

3 stars = liked it

2 stars = it was ok

1 star = did not like it