The Wild OneTitle:  The Wild One
Series:  Coorah Creek
Author:  Janet Gover
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  April 3, 2015
Publisher:  Choc Lit
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  NetGalley

Can four wounded souls find love?

Iraq war veteran Dan Mitchell once disobeyed an order – and it nearly destroyed him. Now a national park ranger in the Australian outback, he’s faced with another order he is unwilling to obey …

Photographer Rachel Quinn seeks out beauty in unlikely places. Her work comforted Dan in his darkest days. But Quinn knows darkness too – and Dan soon realises she needs his help as much as he needs hers.

Carrie Bryant was a talented jockey until a racing accident broke her nerve. Now Dan and Quinn need her expertise, but can she face her fear? And could horse breeder, Justin Fraser, a man fighting to save his own heritage, be the man to help put that fear to rest?

The wounds you can’t see are the hardest to heal…

Read on for my thoughts on The Wild One.  No true spoilers, promise.

The Wild One was such an amazing, emotional and satisfying read.  It isn’t a “typical” romance novel, there is definitely romance involved – but it is so much more.

Brumbies.  Feral horses.  These are the true focus of The Wild One.  The entire story, people in the story and even, in a way, the fate of the folks from the story all focus around the Brumby herd and their efforts to save these amazing animals.

Dan Mitchell is former military.  He spent time in Iraq, and the effects of the war are still with him daily.  Now he spends his life in relative solitude as a park ranger.  He has been given another duty, one that he cannot bring himself to do – and it is tearing him apart.  The herd of Brumbies, feral horses, and their leader, the son of a thoroughbred that perished in a fire are destroying the National Park.  He has been told to “take care” of the problem.

Rachel Quinn is a photographer.  She also seeks solitude, but for another reason.  She is holding on to a memory.  One that she cannot escape, ever.  And that is also tearing her apart.  Quinn takes the most amazing nature photographs.  Ones that are so amazing they touched Dan at a moment when he needed to find peace.

Carrie Bryant loved horses, was an up and coming jockey with wins under her belt.  Until one race changed everything.  Now she stays away from any horse, convinced that she will never know that joy ever again.  She is wounded, afraid and so pulled into her own world of pain.

Justin Fraser is determined to bring his horse farm  back to the greatness it once had.  He needs an amazing horse as stud.  And it just might be that he has found the solution for his problem.

Four people will become two couples who will share in an amazing few days of pulling off a miracle.

The feral horses and their stallion need to be saved – and it’s up to these four people – and the town of Coorah Creek – to come up with a plan, put it in motion and change so many lives in the process.

I loved this story, and I’ve already given away too much — but, in this case it’s okay.  The love stories are intense, charming and believable.  But, to me, the main story is of the combined efforts of so many people to save the Brumbies.  Please, please go pick this one up – you will love it.  Go for the romance aspect, but enjoy the rescue of some amazing creatures as well.

This one is a story I highly recommend.  No, it’s not quite a typical romance, but it is that and so much more.  I honestly think anyone who loves a good love story will find this one delivers.

*I received an e-ARC of The Wild One from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*