Thirty years have passed since vampire king Tyr Ulfhednar was torn from his throne and banished to the bottom of the sea. Freed from his prison, Tyr doesn’t know what to expect when he returns home to Scarlet Harbor. But even a thousand years of existence can’t prepare him for her.

Newly-turned vampire queen Ashley King does her best to rise to the never-ending challenges of ruling over Scarlet Harbor. When a sexy, powerful stranger shows up on her doorstep with a claim to her throne, she’s as tempted to kill him as she is to kiss him. But this perceived enemy might just be the only chance she has at conquering the trials that lie ahead…if he doesn’t conquer her first.

Titles in the Vampires of Scarlet Harbor series include:  Pierced – Hunted – Ruled

Title:  Ruled
Series:  Vampires of Scarlet Harbor #3
Author:  Keira Blackwood
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  December 31, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s always a bittersweet moment when I come to the final story in a series.  After all, I’ve spent time with, engaged with and come to care about these people… or not as in the villains that is.  What I love about Keira Blackwood’s writing is that she never gives away everything about her characters in the early encounters.  They grow, change, even evolve over the course of the series and the events that happen to them and around them.  This was true for Ashley.  Now it would be very easy to see Ashley as a young, immature woman who had absolutely no right nor idea of how to be the ruling Queen of the vampires.  Her actions often spoke to me of a spoiled little girl – yet, there was something there that kept me hoping I was wrong, that there was more to Ashley than we had yet seen.  And I’m very glad to have been right about this young Queen.  There is definitely more than meets the eye, especially when paired with the man who was her perfect partner… eventually.

Tyr has every right to return home to Scarlet Harbor an angry man intent on revenge while reclaiming what was stolen from him… his throne.  Perhaps what he never expected to encounter once he was freed was her.  She sits on a throne that is by rights his, she has  no idea how to rule over his people and he should simply take what he wants… but Ashley intrigues him, tempts him and perhaps has captured something no one else ever has, his heart.

I don’t intend to give you details for you really need to read Ashley and Tyr’s story for yourself.  There is danger here and commitment to their people, there is a love story that defies logic, and there is also a rightness to the ending of this series that brings all the threads into a very tight pretty knot.  I will say that I feel strongly that these stories need to be read in order for there are threads that weave throughout the series, characters do change from first impressions so to read them out of order is not suggested.  I’d highly recommend Ruled and this series to any Paranormal Romance reader who enjoys a tight, compelling story, strong characters, action and danger to be faced and a couple to root for in finding their happy ending.

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