Dark Series (Carpathians)

This series is the creation of Christine Feehan.

The Carpathian race has existed as far back as memory allows.  Their men have always been the protectors of their people, destined to ensure the survival of their race against all who would hunt them… even their own.

Carpathians are not human, although it would be difficult for most humans to realize that under normal circumstances.  Shape shifters, these beings have a unique relationship to the earth allowing them great speed, the flight of birds, the senses of the animals and the respect of the land that protects them.

Vampire legends are as old as time.  Interestingly, so are Carpathians…

Each Carpathian male is a predator, a protector of his family, his race, his people.  Darkness lives within them, and that darkness is the base of legends.  Carpathians mate once, and only with one unique person – their lifemate.  Without the Light, the love and balance that their lifemate brings to their lives, Carpathian males will eventually turn, allowing the Darkness within to take them over and birth what humans call – vampire.

Although any of the novels in Christine Feehan’s Dark series could be read as a stand alone book – the reading experience is more enjoyable (in my opinion) if read in order (that way the various other characters and their back stories make more sense).

Step into the world of the Carpathians with:

  • Dark Prince
  • Dark Desire
  • Dark Gold
  • Dark Magic
  • Dark Challenge
  • Dark Fire
  • Dark Dream
  • Dark Legend
  • Dark Guardian
  • Dark Symphony
  • Dark Descent
  • Dark Melody
  • Dark Destiny
  • Dark Hunger
  • Dark Secret
  • Dark Demon
  • Dark Celebration
  • Dark Possession
  • Dark Curse
  • Dark Slayer
  • Dark Peril
  • Dark Predator
  • Dark Storm
  • Dark Lycan  #1 trilogy
  • Dark Wolf      #2 trilogy
  • Dark Blood   #3 trilogy
  • Dark Saga (in Edge of Darkness)
  • Dark Ghost
  • Dark Promises
  • Dark Carousel

Dark Lycan, Dark Wolf, Dark Blood is a trilogy of Lycan/Carpathian and while part of the over all Dark series, these three definitely connect bringing the Lycans deeper into the Carpathian world.

Many of the earlier, now difficult to find, Dark series books are being re-issued with additional material.