This series is the creation of Christine Feehan.

GhostWalkers are a group of para-military men (and occasionally women) who are the result of a psychic enhancement experiment by Dr. Peter Whitney.  Each member who originally volunteered for the experimental program has a high level of natural psychic abilities.  Dr. Whitney’s program was supposed to create a better, stronger and more cunning soldier – the program succeeded in that aspect, and a lot more the members never volunteered for.

Dr. Peter Whitney has also searched the world for young girls with strong psychic abilities.  Over time he has gathered several young candidates for his program.  Adopting them, renaming each girl with a flower’s name and sending them through his psychic experiments to find those with the strongest abilities is part of Whitney’s hidden agenda.

You see, Dr. Peter Whitney is quite mad – and intends to create a Super Soldier Race from the offspring of the men and women in his “care”.

These are the stories of the men and women who have been altered – and their battles to defeat Whitney’s ultimate plan.

GhostWalkers series:

1.  Shadow Game

2.  Mind Game

3.  Night Game

4.  Conspiracy Game

5.  Deadly Game

6.  Predatory Game

7.  Murder Game

8.  Street Game

9.  Ruthless  Game

10.  Samurai Game

11.  Viper Game

12.  Spider Game