Sisters of the Heart

This series is the creation of Christine Feehan.

We return to Sea Haven (the location of the Drake Sisters), just down the road a bit to a very large plot of land now inhabited by the Sisters of the Heart.

You never know where you will find your “family” – the people not blood related, but closer than blood could ever be.  The six women of the Sisters of the Heart series first met at grief counseling sessions, each has faced incredible losses.  They come together as “sisters” and decide to purchase a large acreage of land, divide it up into individual homes and to farm the bulk of the remaining land themselves.

In addition to their grief binding them – each woman also has a unique ability that both enhances and complicates her life.

The Sisters of the Heart series:

  •   Water Bound
  •   Spirit Bound
  •   Air Bound
  • Earth Bound
  • Fire Bound