Shadow Woman LHowardStepping from the shower, Lizette Henry grabs a towel to wrap around her wet hair and one to dry off with.  Tossing on a robe she ventures into the kitchen for that desperately needed first cup of coffee.  Wandering back to the bathroom to dry and style her hair she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

But.  That wasn’t her reflection in the mirror.

So begins Linda Howard’s Shadow Woman.

We are drawn into Lizette’s panic as she tries to understand what is happening to her.  She remembers her life, of course she does.  So why doesn’t she look like she should?

Her first instinct is to reach out for help from her friend – but halfway to the phone she thinks, “No, if I call someone they will know”.

Drenching sweat, nausea rolling through her stomach and a blinding, pain filled headache follow that thought.

Rousing herself enough to call in to her manager that she was ill yet another shock hit her.  It seems in her 3 years of work she has never used a single sick day.  But wait – she had been with the company for 5 years.  Why would her supervisor say only 3 years… and why couldn’t she remember those missing 2 years?

Xavier listened as Lizette went through her morning routine.  He knew the moment the monotonous, day in and day out, sameness of her life changed.  Without eyes on her he could only listen to the monitoring devices planted throughout her home as she moved from room to room.

As he heard a crack and her murmered “Shit, guess I need to buy a new phone.” he knew.  She was back.  And God help them all now.

Lizette was right.  They do know.

We follow Lizette as she learns about herself or perhaps more accurately her real self.  Each time a new piece of the puzzle that is her life drops into place, blinding pain follows.  Soon she will learn how to get around that barrier.

Lizette is on the run from those who monitor her.  She has no idea how she knows the skills that are flowing back to her – but, fine, she’ll use each and every one to stay alive.

There are good guys, and bad guys who pretend to be good guys and a deep love that nothing can totally erase.

The details in Shadow Woman may get in the way of the story for some readers.  For me they made each step of Lizette’s journey more real and more terrifying.

This is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.  Don’t be put off by the fact that we the reader know little more than Lizette does, in time it all comes together in a fascinating conclusion.

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