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Thirty years have passed since vampire king Tyr Ulfhednar was torn from his throne and banished to the bottom of the sea. Freed from his prison, Tyr doesn’t know what to expect when he returns home to Scarlet Harbor. But even a thousand years of existence can’t prepare him for her.

Newly-turned vampire queen Ashley King does her best to rise to the never-ending challenges of ruling over Scarlet Harbor. When a sexy, powerful stranger shows up on her doorstep with a claim to her throne, she’s as tempted to kill him as she is to kiss him. But this perceived enemy might just be the only chance she has at conquering the trials that lie ahead…if he doesn’t conquer her first.

Titles in the Vampires of Scarlet Harbor series include:  Pierced – Hunted – Ruled

If I blinked, he could be gone. If I blinked, I could be dead.

Hunting vampires isn’t a burden for jet-setter Violet Fields—it’s life’s greatest adventure. When her prey starts to migrate, Violet is determined to uncover the reason why. After traveling the world and saving countless innocent lives, she thought she’d seen it all…until she meets him.

Ruthless vampire Walter Chapman has fought his share of enemies for over two centuries, and throughout it all, he’s survived, with style. His greatest challenge isn’t the century-long rivalry that brings trouble to Scarlet Harbor, but a human woman who steals his heart. If he can’t bring the vampire conflict to a successful resolution, his and Violet’s eternal love story might be over before it’s begun.

Titles in the Vampires of Scarlet Harbor series include:  Pierced – Hunted –

Grizzly Bait

If you love Paranormal Romance, especially Shifters – then you’ll want to be on the lookout for the start of a brand new series.  The Riverwood series starts off with Grizzly Bait.  If you read Ms Blackwood’s The Sawtooth Peaks series (and if not, go check it out!) then you will recognize the Hero – Liam Blake, the grizzly bear Tribunal enforcer… yeah, that real quiet, dangerous guy.

Liam will meet his mate and his match in a series that I cannot wait to get started on.

Ms Blackwood was a new-to-me author a short time ago.  I really enjoyed her Sawtooth Peaks series.  It was filled with intense action and believable characters, both main and secondary.  So if the Riverwood Series is anything close to what she has offered Shifter lovers before – then we are in for a treat.

Check it out tomorrow on launch day.

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