I JohansenTaking Eve

Evil rarely wears a twisted, ugly face.  Why give itself away too soon?

A kind, helpful face is not always what it appears to be either – evil can be found behind any face.

James Doane is not at all what he seems.  He shows an extraordinarily jovial, kind face to the world.  What he plans to do makes a mockery of that face.

Eve Duncan has spent years tracking down the man who kidnapped and killed her 5 year old daughter, Bonnie.  At long last, Bonnie’s killer has been dealt what he deserves.

Eve continues her forensic sculpting to help bring murdered, lost children that have been stolen back to their families.  When she works her magic on the skulls of unknown children closure of sort can finally be given to their waiting families.  It is her life work, it brings her purpose and comfort.

It also brought her to the attention of James Doane.

While Eve is a strong woman, strong willed some might add, she is surrounded by those who love her and see her as the center of their world.  Joe Quinn, former Navy SEAL, has stood beside Eve through her battle to find Bonnie.  He took the longest time to actually see Bonnie as Eve does, but he loves them both with a deep commitment that nothing can stand against.  Jane MacGuire came into Eve’s life during the search for Bonnie.  A street-wise kid, she was adopted by Eve and has named herself Eve’s guardian ever since.

Eve is one of the lucky ones.  She is surrounded by those that love her and would fight the demons of hell for her.  And they are about to go into battle.

James Doane has set into motion ways to separate Eve from her protectors.  Jane’s faithful dog, Toby has suddenly become ill.  The half wolf companion needs the special help that only one doctor can give to save his life.  And Jane will stop at nothing to be certain that Toby lives.

Pure luck sent Joe out of state – poison kept Jane at Toby’s side while he fights for his life.  Eve is alone.

A red pickup truck holding a burned skull and James Doane has made it’s way to Eve’s home in Georgia.  Soon she will be under the control of pure evil.

Taking Eve begins a continuing, cliff-hanger trilogy by Iris Johansen.  Where one book ends, the next (Hunting Eve) and the final (Silencing Eve) begins.

Often trilogies can be read as a stand alone novel.  This is not the case with these three novels.  I waited until all three were published so I could read them back to back with no interruption in the story, or in my reading of them.  I didn’t have to work my way back into the story a few months later.  Not everyone is going to enjoy that style of continuation of the story.

I enjoyed Taking Eve, it is more detailed than some of the other Eve Duncan books but considering the cliff-hangers I’m not surprised that it is more – intense.  I got caught up in the story and didn’t see the books as overly wordy, but some readers might.

I liked it, I would recommend it — I just don’t know (even with the background story in the beginning) if I would suggest it as a first Eve Duncan book.  I think you need a different taste of the whole series than starting with this trilogy.







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