After being sacked from her job on the gossip magazine Celebrity, Ally Parker is forced to return home to Combe St. Philip with her tail between her legs. She is given a fresh start when her childhood friend, Hope, asks her to work PR for Hope’s marriage to Prince Jonas of San Michele.

When Count Fredrik Jensson, head of security for the royal family, arrives to check out the village, he makes it clear that her past employment makes her unfit for the role. The fact that there’s a sizzle between them from the moment they meet only makes everything worse.

Forced together on a trip to San Michele for the official announcement of the wedding, their sizzle flares into an inferno. However, their night of passion sours when he sees her with her ex-boss. Believing that Ally is about to buy back her job with wedding secrets, Fredrik turns back to ice. What will it take to see the person she truly is and a thaw to set in?

Titles in the Royal Wedding Invitations series include:  The Prince’s Bride by Sophie Weston – The Baronet’s Wedding by Jessica Hart – The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard by Liz Fielding – The Best Man’s Bride by Anne McAllister

Title:  The Bridesmaid’s Royal Bodyguard
Series:  Royal Wedding Invitations #3
Author:  Liz Fielding
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 18, 2017
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Sometimes I simply have fun with characters as they share the happenings in their world.  I loved Ally.  She’s loyal, stubborn, smart and knows her own worth.  She might be down now, but she won’t stay there.  She would do anything for her friend Hope, even put up with a rude, stuffed shirt who has no idea of the type of woman she truly is.

It really is true what is said about assumptions… they do make asses of people all the time.  Case in point is head of security for the prince’s upcoming wedding, Fredrik.  He is absolutely convinced that Ally is out to sell wedding secrets to her old gossip magazine.  After all, she’s broke, ousted from her job and must be desperate for money by now – what easier way to instant cash flow than to sell out her friend.  It’s not helping Fredrik’s opinions one bit that he’s incredibly attracted to Ally.  He will not allow himself to trust her, but their chemistry is off the charts so why shouldn’t they enjoy each other.  It’s one way to keep a close eye on this intriguing woman.

All it took was one assumption to crash down anything that Fredrik was beginning to feel for Ally.  One very wrong assumption.

I liked both Ally and Fredrik.  Sure, Fredrik is stuffy at times and totally wrong… but he makes up for those mistakes in a most satisfying way.  Ally is a delight and I really wanted her to find someone who saw her for the gem that she is.  I enjoyed this couple and their madcap adventure towards a happy ending of their own.  You cannot always go by first impressions, but you should follow your heart at all times.  A lesson well earned for them both.  If you love a really good romance then this is one that you’ll want to pick up soon.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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