It is my plan for 2015 (and ongoing) to focus on this blog and make it into what I know in my heart it can be.  With love, focus, hard work and constant learning that desire will be realized.

There are amazing people in the book blogging world.  Some starting out, others learning as they go, many who want to improve what they have and take it to another level — and then there are the amazing book bloggers who want to help the rest of us.  I love all these folks and am so grateful for their help in learning about this unique and fun world of book blogging.

On this page I will be posting links to helpful blogging post, infographics and anything at all that can help me be a better book blogger.  I want them all in one place for my convenience and I hope that this will be of benefit to my book blogging visitors as well.

What prompted the creation of this page today was an amazing infographic created by Parajunkee’s View… this will be of great help to me.  I’ve linked the graphic back to the post where I first saw it so you can get the full impact of it as well.  Thank you to Rachel for creating this for all of us wanting to learn how to do this as well as you do.

Blogging_Checklist_infographic1 (1) lg

Infographic created by

Additional book blogging information will be added on a regular basis.  We can all use a little help, right?  I know that I do because although I love my book blog, I know it can be better.  🙂

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There is very helpful blogging series going on at Bookish called All About Blogging.  This series is planned for daily posts for two weeks.  Personally, I intend to follow the series and take tons of notes.  It is always amazing to see a popular book blogger helping out all book bloggers.  I would recommend you hop on over and check it out.  Now.

These particular posts in that series have been of help to me.

How to Get Free Books for Review

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Parajunkee Views  always has amazing book blogging information for us.  (If you don’t already follow – please do, you will learn so much)  Right now there is a very helpful post that went up called  THE ULTIMATE BOOK BLOGGER RESOURCE LIST — the amount of information you will find in this one post is truly priceless.  Go check it out, now.

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There is an excellent post at Books, Biscuits and Tea about blogging resources.  Excellent.  Check it out.

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Again, I have to thanks the awesome folks over at Parajunkee for putting up a post exactly when I needed it.  Here the best post on putting up social icons I’ve found with amazingly easy instructions:  HOW TO SET UP SOCIAL ICONS ON YOUR BLOG

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Are you looking for some great advice on how to get review copies (ARCs) of books to read and review for your blog?  Jen over at The Bookavid has an amazing post on Requesting Review Copies from Publishers.  Check this one out right now.

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