I make no secret whatsoever of the fact that I absolutely love the novels and novellas put out by the authors of  Tule Publishing.  I am addicted to series, and this publishing house and it’s authors always have an amazing new series to dive into or an older series to discover.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the reviews that I’ve done on the stories out of Tule Publishing then this page might be of interest to you.  I’ve put together a listing of some of the authors and the stories they’ve written for the Tule Publishing line… that I have reviewed – there are far more than listed here.

Tule’s Montana Born Imprint

Tule’s Southern Born imprint

I enjoy wandering around author websites, learning about new releases, sometimes free or lower cost specials on their titles or simply to discover that we share a hobby or interest.

If I have reviewed any of the novels listed, they will be linked back to my review.

(actually, I’ve put in titles that I haven’t reviewed yet – recently bought several “bundles” so I know these will be read ‘n reviewed soon)


Amy Andrews (link to Ms. Andrews’ website)

Fairy Tales of New York

4.  Seduced by the Baron

Barbara Ankrum (link to Ms. Ankrum’s website)

Big Marietta Fair/Summer Fair/Montana Born Fair

5.  A Fair to Remember


Madeline Ash (link to Ms. Ash’s website)

Hot Aussie Heroes

3.  The Playboy

Royal Holiday

2.  Her Secret Prince

Jackie Ashenden (link to Ms. Ashenden’s website)

International Bad Boys

7.  Never Refuse A Sheikh

Kim Boykin (link to Ms. Boykin’s website)

Copper Mountain Rodeo

5.  Steal Me, Cowboy

Magnolia Bay – Lowcountry Lovers

1.  Sweet Home Carolina

2.  Flirting with Forever

3.  She’s the One

4.  Just in Time for Christmas

5.  Caught Up In You

Alissa Callen (link to Ms. Callen’s website)

The Wildflower Ranch

1.  Cherish Me, Cowboy

2.  Her Mistletoe Cowboy

3.  Her Big Sky Cowboy

4.  His Outback Cowgirl

C J Carmichael (link to Ms. Carmichael’s website)

Carrigans of the Circle C

1.  Promise Me, Cowboy

2.  Good Together

3.  Close to Her Heart

4.  Snowbound in Montana

5.  A Cowgirl’s Christmas

Copper Mountain Rodeo

3.  Promise Me, Cowboy

Dani Collins (link to Ms. Collins’ website)

Montana Homecoming

3.  Hometown Hero

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

3.  The Bachelor’s Baby

Montana Born Brides

2.  His Blushing Bride

Megan Crane (link to Ms. Crane’s website)

Copper Mountain Rodeo

1.  Tempt Me, Cowboy

Great Wedding Giveaway

6.  A Game of Brides

The Montana Millionaires

1.  Tempt Me, Cowboy

2.  A Game of Brides

3.  Please Me, Cowboy

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

5.  In Bed With the Bachelor

Lilian Darcy (link to Ms. Darcy’s website)

Copper Mountain Rodeo

0. (prequel) Rodeo Sweethearts

2.  Marry Me, Cowboy

River Bend

1.  Late Last Night

2.  The Sweetest Thing

3.  The Sweetest Sound

4.  After the Rain

5.  The Long Walk Home

Eve Gaddy (link to Ms. Gaddy’s website)

Montana Homecoming

1. Sing Me Back Home

Whiskey River

1.  Where There’s A Will (co-authored with Katherine Garbera)

2.  One Night with the Cowboy

Katherine Garbera (link to Ms. Garbera’s website)

Big Marietta Fair/Summer Fair/Montana Born Fair

4.  Her Summer Cowboy

Great Wedding Giveaway

5.  The Reluctant Bride

Whiskey River

1.  Where There’s A Will (co-authored with Eve Gaddy)

3.  One Night with the Tycoon


The Scott Brothers of Montana

1.  A Cowboy for Christmas

2.  The Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride

3.  Her Hot Summer Cowboy

4.  Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside


Louisa George (link to Ms. George’s website)

International Bad Boys

6.  A Deal with the Devil

Kate Hardy (link to Ms. Hardy’s website)

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

2.  Bachelor at Her Bidding

Kate Hewitt (link to Ms. Hewitt’s website)

Christmas Around The World

2.  A Yorkshire Christmas

Nicole Helm (link to Ms. Helm’s website)

Montana Born Brides

3.  Bride by Mistake

Kelly Hunter (link to Ms. Hunter’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

1.  What a Bride Wants

Fairy Tales of New York

1.  Pursued by the Rogue

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

4.  What A Bachelor Needs

Rachael Johns (link to Ms. Johns’ website)

Montana Born Brides

5.  Kiss the Bride

Lucy King (link to Ms. King’s website)

Fairy Tales of New York

3.  Taming the Beast

Kat Latham (link to Ms. Latham’s website)

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

6.  One Night With Her Bachelor

Montana Born Brides

6.  Two Nights with His Bride

Marion Lennox (link to Ms. Lennox’s website)

Christmas Around The World

1.  Christmas at Waratah Bay

Yvonne Lindsay (link to Ms. Lindsay’s website)

Big Marietta Fair/Summer Fair

3.  For Love of a Cowboy

Catherine Mann (link to Ms. Mann’s website)

Runaway Brides

1.  How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days (co-authored with Joanne Rock)

2.  The Wedding Audition (co-authored with Joanne Rock)

3.  There Goes the Bride (co-authored with Joanne Rock)

4.  Bride on the Run (co-authored with Joanne Rock)

Erika Marks (link to Ms. Mark’s website)

Magnolia Bay – Loveless & Dunn

1.  Bet the House

2.  Pick Me

3.  Forget Me Not

4.  A Very Married Christmas

5.  Stealing Hearts

Sarah Mayberry (link to Ms. Mayberry’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

3.  Almost a Bride

9.  Make-Believe Wedding

Montana Born Bachelor Auction

1.  Bound to the Bachelor

Anne McAllister (link to Ms. McAllister’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

8.  Last Year’s Bride

Melissa McClone (link to Ms. McClone’s website)

Royal Holidays

1.  The Cinderella Princess

Jeannie Moon (link to Ms. Moon’s website)

Stand Alones

Until You

Royal Holiday

4.  His Forbidden Princess

Trish Morey (link to Ms. Morey’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

2.  Second Chance Bride

Kathleen O’Brien (link to Ms. O’Brien’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

7.  The Substitute Bride

Montana Homecoming

4.  The Long Way Home

Royal Holidays

3.  His Defiant Princess

Jane Porter (link to Ms. Porter’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

0. (prequel) The Tycoon’s Kiss

The Taming of the Sheenans:

  1. Christmas at Copper Mountain
  2. The Tycoon’s Kiss
  3. The Kidnapped Christmas Bride
  4. The Taming of the Bachelor

The Copper Mountain Rodeo 

4.  Take Me, Cowboy

Victoria Purman (link to Ms. Purman’s website)

Hot Aussie Heroes

4.  The Millionaire

Terri Reed (link to Ms. Reed’s website)

Montana Homecoming

5.  Home For Good

Heidi Rice (link to Ms. Rice’s website)

Fairy Tales of New York

2.  Tempting the Knight

Joanne Rock (link to Ms. Rock’s website)

Runaway Brides

1.  How to Lose a Groom in 10 Days (co-authored with Catherine Mann)

2.  The Wedding Audition (co-authored with Catherine Mann)

3.  There Goes the Bride (co-authored with Catherine Mann)

4.  Bride on the Run (co-authored with Catherine Mann)

Kaira Rouda (link to Ms. Rouda’s website)

Indigo Island

1.  Weekend with the Tycoon

2.  The Forbidden Love

3.  The Trouble with Christmas

4.  The Billionaire’s Bid

Debra Salonen (link to Ms. Salonen’s website)

Big Marietta Fair/Summer Fair

2.  Montana Cowgirl

Big Sky Mavericks

1.  Montana Cowgirl

2.  Montana Cowboy

3.  Montana Darling

4.  Montana Maverick

5.  Her Forever Gift

Susan Sands (link to Ms. Sands’ website)

Stand Alone

Again, Alabama

Roxanne Snopek (link to Ms. Snopek’s website)


Montana Homecoming

2.  Finding Home

This Old House

1.  Finding Home

2.  A Sweet Montana Christmas

3.  The Cowboy Next Door

4.  Cinderella’s Cowboy

Nancy Robards Thompson (link to Ms. Thompson’s website)

Big Marietta Fair/Summer Fair

1.  Beauty and the Cowboy

Joanne Walsh (link to Ms. Walsh’s website)

Great Wedding Giveaway

4.  The Unexpected Bride

Christmas Around The World

4.  Christmas in Venice

Scarlet Wilson (link to Ms. Wilson’s website)

Christmas Around The World

3.  Christmas with the Laird

Montana Born Brides

1.  Fairy Tale Bride

Lenora Worth (link to Ms. Worth’s website)

Driftwood Bay

1.  Driftwood Cowboy

Maisey Yates (link to Ms. Yates’ website)

Montana Born Brides

4.  Finally His Bride